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Crest & School Song



The letters "PT" stand for Pei Tong which means nurturing the young. The proximity of the letters represents the close rapport between the pupils and the teachers. It also signifies the close relationship between the parents and the teachers.
The motto of the school reiterates the vision of our founders, that is , to nurture the young and prepare them for their roles in the future.


Let us grow in strength and wisdom
With heart and soul we do our best
We know for sure with good system
We will succeed when put to test.
To our school we all give honour
We learn and play in healthy ways.
Our country we cherish and adore
We all pledge to be strong and true.
Take courage friends for we are one
Respect one another honour our elders
Diligent stead-fast in all that we do
This is the path to a bright future.

Music & Lyrics by :
Mr David K.S.Lim