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Principal's Message

                            Dear Parents/ Guardians

pRI.jpggreetings from everyone at Pei Tong Primary School (PTPS)

2017 Term 2 Memo for Parents
2017 Term 3 Memo for Parents

It has been an enjoyable and fulfilling time getting to know the staff, students and being able to chat with some of them.The students have been a great joy and at PTPS, we believe that,

  • every child can learn,
  • every child has his/her own potential and is talented in his/her own special ways and
  • every child deserves equal opportunity to learn and grow his/her fullest potential.

For students to learn well, it is important that they first enjoy coming to school. Secondly, to motivate them in their learning, they must find the lessons and tasks assigned meaningful. Thirdly, they must enjoy positive relationships with their peers.

Hence, we will continue to work in making the school a second home to our students, providing a total curriculum that allows the students to enjoy a quality holistic learning experience.

I am confident that with your support and together with my team of committed staff, PTPS will continue to be a place where children will feel loved, find joy in learning and be grounded on values.

I look forward to having more opportunities to meet up and chat with you. Do feel free to drop an email if you have any concerns on school matters or compliments that you would like to share. Any words of encouragement will go a long way in encouraging my staff to continue to do their best for our students. 
Warmest Regards,
Mrs Ng -Teo Sock Hua