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Principal's Message


Dear Parents/ Guardians

1.  Greetings

1.1   On behalf of the staff, I welcome your child/ward back to school. We hope you and your loved ones had a meaningful break spending time together and bonding with each other. 

2. Positive Start for 2018

2.1 For the students to enjoy their time in school throughout the year and be able to learn effectively, it is important that they have a positive start. To achieve this, the school has suspended the usual timetable for two days during which students will be engaged in bonding activities to build strong Teacher-Student Relationships(TSR) and Student-Student Relationships(SSR), learning study skills such mind mapping, life skills, establishing routines and conversations on school rules and expectations.

2.2 In addition, we can also work together to help our students to have a good start for the year  by encouraging them to take on a positive mind-set in everything that they do; for example  believing in themselves, being considerate towards the people around them as well as being thankful for what they have. To help the children to develop a deeper sense of gratitude, the school will be introducing the activity ‘Panning for Gold’ which will be conducted on a regular basis. During this time, the students will spend the time reflecting on things and people they can be thankful for. We believe that by encouraging the students to be reflective on these aspects of their lives, the students’ sense of gratitude will be deepened and their emotional well-being enhanced. 

3. School Vision and Mission

3.1   As communicated in the letter to parents/guardians dated 7 July 2017, to review its strategic    directions, the school engaged the staff in a re- envisioning exercise in June 2017.  Based on inputs from school staff, parents and School Advisory Committee (SAC) members, the school reviewed the school vision, mission and values and the refined school vision and mission are now

School Vision
Every child a passionate learner, resilient individual and gracious citizen

School Mission
Nurturing and inspiring every child to be an engaged learner who is holistically developed, future  

 ready and anchored on values, in a caring environment


3.2   The existing school values which are Care, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Resilience and Excellence will be retained as both the staff and parents had surfaced these to be the key values they would like the students of Pei Tong Primary School to embrace.

3.3   I trust that with our close partnership, we will be able to nurture and inspire every child to be an engaged learner who is holistically developed, future ready and anchored on values.  As we are guided by our mission in all that we do, we believe that in the long run, we will realise our shared vision of developing every PTPS student to be a passionate learner, resilient individual and gracious citizen.

4. PERI Upgrading

4.1   We are currently into our second year of the PERI Upgrading which started in November 2016. The project is currently 55% completed and is targeted to complete by end 2018. During this period of upgrading, play space will be limited and noise level may be higher than usual. The school will continue to monitor and work on more safe areas for the students to play and ensure that noise levels are within acceptable limits. We seek your patience and understanding during this period for any inconvenience caused as we look forward to the many facilities such as the school field, basketball court and physical fitness playground that the students can enjoy at the end of the PERI Upgrading project. 

5. School Safety and Security

5.1  For the safety and security of the students, parents and guardians are gently reminded to observe the following:
a)     Parents/guardians are allowed to drive in to school for purpose of only dropping their children off within the school designated drop off point before 7:30am. There will be heavy vehicles moving in and out of the school after 7.30 am.
b)     No unauthorised personnel are allowed to drive into school after 7.30 am.
c)     No unauthorised personnel are allowed to park in school at all times.
d)     Parents/guardians picking up their child/ward who are not feeling well will be allowed to drive into school to pick them at the general office.
e)     Pick up for any other additional activities outside the scheduled opening hours of the Brown and Yellow gates will be at the Orange Gate.

5.2   For road safety within and around school, parents and guardians are gently reminded of the following:
a)    Reduce vehicle speed and stay alert for pedestrians in the school zone.
b)    Cooperate with traffic marshals to ensure overall safety and smooth traffic flow.
c)    Let your child alight only at the designated drop-off point. Help your child alight from the car        as quickly as possible.
d)    Not to violate traffic rules by driving recklessly or making illegal manoeuvres such as turning into the school from the outer lane(s) of the road.
e)    Reinforce correct road safety behaviour in your child/ ward such as using pedestrian crossings, and avoiding jaywalking or using a handphone while crossing.
f)    Remind your child/ ward to practise the kerb drill before crossing - “look right, look left, look right again, ensure all vehicles have stopped, raise your hand high up and cross the road briskly”.

6. School Operations (For information)

6.1   The Orange Gate is opened during the opening hours of the school (7.00 am to 6.00 pm). The    Brown and Yellow side gates are opened only in the early morning for students to report to school, at regular dismissal time and dismissal time after structured CCA and Outreach during term time. The Brown and Yellow gates are closed at other times.

The opening hours of the different gates are shown here

6.2   As the physical space of the bookshop is small, parents/ guardians will only be allowed to go to the bookshop 30 minutes after dismissal. The bookshop closes at 4pm.  This is to allow the students to be attended to first so that they can go back to class or home immediately after their purchase.

6.3   The General Office is opened from 7.15 am – 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

6.4   Changes in school timing and CCA Days for 2018 (Reminder) Parents/ guardians are reminded on the following changes:

a) New School Timing
b) CCA days for 2018 are on Tuesday and Thursday.

I look forward to another year of fruitful partnership with you to provide a meaningful holistic learning experience for our students in Pei Tong Primary School. On behalf of the school, my staff and I wish you and your family a Prosperous New Year Thank You. In partnership with you

Warmest Regards,
Mrs Ng -Teo Sock Hua

Updated on 4 January 2018