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PT Values & Outcomes

  • Shows care for others' feeling
  • Established and maintains good relationship with peers
  • Maintains classroom and school cleanliness
  • Greets others politely
  • Listens attentively when others are speaking
  • Takes good care of school properties
  3 Integrity
  • Be honest at all times
  • Admits to own wrongdoing
  • Has the courage to stand up for what is right     
 4 Responsibility
  •  Attends classes punctually
  • Submits quality work on time
  • Accepts and understands the consequences of his/her own actions 
 5 Resilience
  •  Shows willingness in trying something new or different 
  • Does not give up easily when faced with difficulties
  • Embraces a positive 'can-do' attitude
 6 Excellence
  • Is well prepared for lesson every day
  • Is an exemplary role model for peers
  • Do things to the best of one's ability

Student Outcomes

A Pei Tong student is a confident person, a self-directed learner, a concerned citizen and an active contributor