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School Discipline

Each student is a member of the Pei Tong family and should abide by the accepted rules of conduct that are clearly and specifically described in the Student's Handbook. We groom our students to behave appropriately and to have the right attitude towards learning.

Students are expected to know and apply the following Principles of Discipline that will help them to achieve positive behaviour and decorum at all times.
  1. Regular Attendance – Students practise responsibility in being punctual and attending school regularly.
  2. Positive Work Habits - Students develop self-discipline and responsibility by completing all assignments on time.They strive for excellence by ensuring that they hand in quality work and prepare well for quizzes, test , and examinations.
  3. Respect for self and others - Students maintain a safe and positive learning environment by respecting others and behaving with dignity. They uphold the truth by being honest and develop integrity and honour.
  4. Respect for authority - Students respect all school staff and members of the public, especially their elders and persons of authority. 
  5. Respect for property- Students care and respect school property and the property of others.