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Merit & Demerit Points

The merit and demerit point system aims to encourage students to attain the high standard of discipline expected of them. This is a system for monitoring individual student’s conduct.

Merit points encourage positive and responsible behaviour while demerit points discourage offensive and negatives behaviour.

All students will start with 100 points at the beginning of the year. Points will be added or deducted accordingly.

The following guidelines will be adopted to determine the Conduct Grade of a student at the end of each semester :

Conduct Grade No of points Conduct of Student
Excellence 120 and above An outstanding student who consistently displays positive behaviour and embodies the values with pride.
Very good 100-119 A well-rounded student who exhibits positive behaviour most of the time.
Good 85-99 A student who behaves appropriately at times but has committed several minor offences.
Fair 70-84 A students who needs guidance to behave appropriately and has committed minor and major offences.
Poor 69 and below A student who needs supervision , monitoring and counselling due to repeated misbehaviour, including committing several major offences.

In addition, the following conditions apply:
  • If a student has a committed a 'Very Serious' offence within the year, he/she can only be only be given at most a 'Good' conduct grade for the academic year.
  • The school reserves the right to assign conduct grade based on the progress and achievement of the student for the academic year.

Merit Points

Code Value CodeMeritorious ActionsMerit Points
MA1 V1-V6Awarded " Model Student of the Term "+5
MA2 V1-V6Awarded " Good Character Ticket"+1
MA3 V4Punctual submission of homework in a term +2
MA4  V1-V6Consistent good behaviour in class in a term +2
MA5 V1,V2,V4Proper attire and grooming in a term+1
MA6 V2,V4Punctual Attendance in a term+1
MA7  V2,V4Responsible class leader in a semester+2
MA8 V4Responsible School Ambassador / CCA Leader /Class Monitor in a semester+3
MA9 V4 , V6Responsible Prefect in a semesterUp to 5
MA10 V1-V6Other incentive points (to be given by Year Head) Up to 5

Value CodeCore Value
 V3 Integrity
 V5 Resilience

In addition to awarding merit points, exemplary pupils may receive other commendations and awards.

Demerit Points

CodeMinor OffencesDemerit Points
M1Non -Submission of homework /assignments (repeat offenders )-2
M2Disruptive behaviour (repeat offenders)-2
M3Improper attire and grooming-1
M4Act of dishonesty (for example : Lying)-2
M6Latecoming (repeat offenders)-2
M7Skipping classes-3
M8Bringing inappropriate items to schoolUp to -3
M9Other minor misconductUp to -3

CodeSerious OffencesDemerit Points
S1Leaving the school without permission-5
S3Open defiance and rudeness-5
S4Using vulgar language-5
S5Other serious offences-5

CodeVery Serious OffencesDemerit Points
VS1Cheating in test and examinations-10
VS3Assault and fighting-10
VS4Gangsterism (extortion, intimidation, threatening and bullying)-10
VS5Smoking / Gaming-10
VS7Theft and shoplifting-10
VS9Other theft/damage related offences-10

 In addition to deducting demerit points, corrective actions may be meted out according to the severity of the offence, as determined by the Principal.

Consequences may be meted out for very serious offences based on the following guidelines

Boys Girls
1 st Offence Canning on the palm in the Principal's Office plus suspension Internal Suspension 
2 nd Offence Canning on the palm in the classroom plus suspension Internal Suspension 
3 rd Offence Canning on the buttocks in the school hall during assembly plus suspension Internal/External Suspension
Immediate suspension for students will be meted out under the following circumstances:

1. When the safety and well-being of the teachers and students are threatened.
2. When the offender has committed an act against the law. 

NOTE: The school reserves the right to consult Police on very serious offences.