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Expectation of a Pei Tong Student

  1. All students are expected to be good ambassadors of the school at all times. Students in school attire should not loiter at public places such as shopping malls, MRT stations or void decks etc. and cause disturbances there. 
  2. Students should demonstrate a sense of graciousness and civic-mindedness. They should be polite and respectful, refraining from any acts that may adversely affect the school climate. 
  3.  Students are to greet staff and visitors. 
  4. Students are expected to bring a storybook or relevant reading material to school each day for morning silent reading programme. 
  5. Students should proceed to the hall for morning silent reading once they have finished their breakfast in the canteen in the morning. 
  6. Movements within the school should be orderly. Students should always walk briskly and not run in the school compound, keeping to the left when moving along the corridors and at staircases. 
  7. Students should be responsible and label their own belongings and return what belong to others. 
  8. All items made available for use are to be taken care of and loaned items should be returned. 
  9. Students should queue in an orderly manner for food purchases and return all utensils to the respective places. 
  10. Students should keep the school environment clean. 
  11. All students should be actively engaged in learning, follow all instructions and submit work on time. 

updated on 29 Dec 2017