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School Safety

Safety Vision and Mission

PTPS Safety Vision is "A vibrant school with a safety culture'. A safety culture guides all stakeholders to follow certain norms and procedures in whatever they do so that they take ownership of their own safety and do not put others' safety in jeopardy.

PTPS Safety Mission is " To develop safety culture that values safety of students"

Both the mission and vision underpin high levels of safety consciousness so that teaching and learning can ve conducted in safe environment.

Responsibilities of Students 

All students are expected to :
a. Exercise personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and their fellow students;
b. Observe all the safety rules of the school and in particular the instructions of teachers in the event of an emergency;
c. Not to misuse things provided for safety purposes.

Road Safety

The safety of our students using roads leading to and from the school is the responsibility of all. We need motorists to play their part by slowing down as they approach the vicinity of the school, and parents to reinforce the importance of road safety ar home. The road outside our main gate can be very busy in the morning and during dismissal . Thus, we would appreciate parents to be positive role models by using the pedestrian-crossing.

Temperature- taking Exercise 

Students must bring an Oral Digital Themometer (ODT) in working condition when there is a temperature taking exercise. A one-time complimentary ODT will be given to our P1 students. They will be taught how to use the ODT by their form teachers.

Haze Management

We have set in place the necessary precautions and continuity plans to minimise disruptions to school activities. We will monitor students' well-being and adopt the necessary mitigation measures to ensure their welfare, including stopping all outdoor activities, based on daily MOH Health Advisory. We request parents to inform us if your child has existing heart and lung conditions, such as asthma. Parents should also ensure that your child takes his/her medications and has these medications with him/her according to his/her doctor's instructions.

Infectious Diseases

If your child us down with chicken pox, H1N1 or Hand-Foot- Mouth diesease, please take your doctor's advice and let your child rest at home. As these diseases are highly infectious, please do not bring your child back to school unless he/she has fully recovered.

Students' Medical Conditions

School will distribute a form for parents to update the medical conditions of their child each year.

Insurance Coverage for students

As part of our dedication to student welfare , we have taken a basic insurance policy to cover all students in the event of any injury sustained during school activities. The period of the policy is from 2 January to 31 December 2016.