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Primary 4 (Responsibility)

Safety ProgrammeEvery year,  the P4 students go through the Road Safety Programme at the Road Safety Community Park. The objective of the programme is to educate our students on road safety in a fun and interactive learning environment within a simulated road safety park. Students will role-play as pedestrians, motorists and cyclists in the park, as a simulation of real-life road situations. 1
SA1 Post Exam Activity - KidZaniaThe school will be organising a learning journey to KidZania Indoor Playground for all P4 students. Through this programme, students will be able to explore their interests and be engaged in learning through realistic role-play.  2
SA1 Post Exam Activity - KinBall The Primary 4 students will be participating in the P4 Kin-ball activity. Through this team game, students will be able to learn the importance of teamwork and be able to work together with their peers. 
 Learning Journeys  Learning Journeys allow the extension and
enrichment of the educational experience. Besides helping to make real and concrete what has been learnt in schools, LJs also will broaden the mental horizons of students and contribute to their total development. Our level works with the various departments in school to conduct suitable and meaningful LJs for the P4 students. 
 SA2 Post Exam Activity - Resilience WalkThe school will be organising a "Resilience Walk" for all P4 students. Through this programme, students will be able to develop resilience to soar despite challenges.   4
 SA2 Post Exam Activity - Calculator WorkshopStudents will be introduced to the features of scientific calculators as part of our collaboration with the Math Department. It is done during curriculum and conducted as part of our post-exam programme. Students are allowed to use the calculator from P5 onwards for Math Paper 2.  4