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Primary 5 (Resilience)

Camp ResilienceThe three day two nights camp will be held at Yishun Safra. It aims to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate and the school value of (self) resilience and acquire the competencies in a Confident and Independent person as desired in one of the 21CC.
Term 2 Week 1
March 22-24 2017
AMIS ProgrammePrint tile making  Term 2
 NE Show Annual event for the P5 students. It aims to provide a unifying experience for the students to understand the significance of the National day and evoke a sense of pride and patriotism. In addition, to also develop their sense of commitment towards the nation and community. Term 3 July
 Science Learning Journey TBCTerm 4 
 Dialogue in the darkA teaching and learning facility which offers a unique learning opportunity for students to experience what it means to live without sight and to navigate around the darkness. Term 4 (post exam activity) 
 Internationalisation - Immersion programme to HangzhouSelected P5 students will have an opportunity to interact with local students and understand different cultures and traditions.  End of the year(Nov/Dec)