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Education and Career Guidance

Primary School Emphasis: Career Awareness

Goal: To introduce students to wide array of occupations, including new jobs created in the ever-changing world of work.
Students will become more aware of their interests, abilities and career aspirations in relation of self and to others. Through play, they will learn to incorporate their initial preferences into occupational roles.


ecareers.sg is a web-based portal designed to facilitate education and career development among students in Singapore. It is premised on the ECG Development Model and contains features that facilitate identity development while bringing students through the processes of career awareness, exploration and planning. 

Education and Career Guidance portal (accessible to all students from primary 5 to pre-university):


ecareers.sg - Secondary School Search

Students are able to search and explore the various secondary schools of their interest. 

ecareers.sg - Careers exploration

Students are able to explore the different careers and find out more about them. 


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