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Principal's Message

mrs ng.jpgDear Friends and Family of Pei Tong Primary School,

As we embarked on the new year of 2019, many of us, adults and children alike, may have renewed our commitment to goals and made fresh resolutions. Our commitments at Pei Tong is to focus on our people – students, staff, parents and partners – and to nurture relationships grounded on care for one another. We celebrate the extension of the Pei Tong family with the launch of MOE Kindergarten@ Pei Tong and welcome them with a warm embrace.  It is my deepest conviction that with a pervasive culture of care, our children will blossom as passionate learners, resilient individuals and gracious citizens.

In my time at Pei Tong, I have been deeply moved by the dedication of the teachers towards understanding our students’ needs and the humility with which they approached fresh challenges and embraced new knowledge and skills in their daily work. I am thankful for this disposition espoused by the staff as this enables us to honestly survey our repertoire of competencies and to augment them conscientiously. Teachers are not perfect in knowledge and skills; teachers are examples of how learning should be reflective and continuous. To that end, I am proud to profess that the staff at Pei Tong are commendable.

In 2019, we will continue to build on our strengths and grow in our capacity to cater to the increasingly diverse needs of students and the demands of an evolving society. We leverage resources and expertise in the Ministry, in partnership and in our own staff to multiply our hardware and ‘heartware’ so as to provide an enriching, inclusive and growth-oriented learning experience aimed at equipping our students with enduring values and learning dispositions that will be their compass as they navigate complex paths that have yet to unfold.

In the early years of education, our mandate is not just to produce scholars, but to imbue the love for learning and to plant the seed of compassion and service in our students. Our mission is not to groom the best presentation, but to help the least to define a better future.

“Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.” (Rita Pierson)

We, at Pei Tong, are dedicated to be that champion for our children.

Thank you for being our supportive partners in this endeavour.


Best regards,

Mrs Ng-Teo Sock Hua