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Angklung & Kulintang


Who we are

Pei Tong Primary’s Angklung/ Kulintang Ensemble was formed in 2006. Consisting of melody angklungs, TK and bass angklungs, kulintang and Sunda drums, our ensemble has grown both in numbers and strength. The nature of angklung playing is such that every note plays a part in making the song. In our Angklung and Kulintang family, each child knows the important role they play in making a performance a success. It is this knowledge that creates a bond amongst the children. While the origins of Angklung and Kulintang has predominantly Malay roots, the players of our ensemble are mostly Chinese. This certainly makes our ensemble uniquely Singaporean. Our ensemble is currently helmed by Ms Siti Syakilla, Mr Hisham, Mdm Nadirah, and Mdm Zaiton, along with our instructor, Mdm Julia Selamat and Mr Faiz. 

External Performances

Apart from participating in the bi-annual Singapore Youth Festival, our ensemble actively seeks out opportunities for pupils to perform, as well as to share the joy of music with the community. 


One such example would be our school’s annual lunar New Year community lunch outreach to the senior citizens in the community. In 2013, we performed for the Middle East Institute of NUS where we received a standing ovation from delegates from all over the world.


In the same year, we also participated in The Angklung Extravaganza where we were part of a 384-member orchestra made up of students from 12 schools. Accompanied by other instruments such as kulintangs and drums, songs ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘I Have A Dream’ were played, led by conductor Mohamed Khamis Selamat. The concert was held on 5 Jun 2013 at the Republic Cultural Centre.


Early last year, the Angklung/ Kulintang Ensemble also played at Singapore Polytechnic as part of the SG50 celebrations. Using the angklung, a Malay instrument, to play a Chinese song, our ensemble definitely caught the attention of the audience.


2008 SYF – Gold 

2010 SYF – Silver 

2012 SYF – Gold

2014 SYF - Accomplishment

2016 SYF - Accomplishment