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Chinese Orchestra


Who we are

Since its inception in 2010, Pei Tong Chinese Orchestra has been striving to nurture young talents in the field of Chinese classical music. Through our Music Director, Mr Liu Haifeng, students have the chance to perform traditional ethnic instruments as an ensemble, learning traditional cultures in the process. We have instructors for different sections to develop students' mastery of their respective instruments. 

The ensemble achieved its first Bronze award for SYF 2012. In 2013, the ensemble held its own concert and garnered rave reviews from parents and ex-pupils. 

In 2014, the Chinese Orchestra participated in the making of World Guiness Record for the Largest Chinese Orchestra Ensemble during the event 'Our People, Our Music'. In 2015, Pei Tong Chinese Orchestra promoted local music by performing at the SG50 Xinyao Concert at Singapore Polytechnic. Pei Tong Chinese Orchestra strives to reach out to the community, promoting Chinese classical music and its artistry. 

Teacher - in- charge

Mr James Ng*
Mrs Leow-Chia Pei San
Mdm Tan Siau Hoon
Ms Low Shumin


2012 SYF – Bronze
2014 : Accomplishment
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Written By : Mr James Ng