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Chinese Calligraphy

Who we are

Pei Tong Primary’s Chinese Calligraphy Club was formed about 25 years ago. Chinese calligraphy serves the purpose of conveying thought and displaying the abstract beauty of the strokes in the Chinese characters. Rhythm, line and structure are more perfectly embodied in calligraphy than in painting or sculpture.

Pei Tong’s Chinese Calligraphy Club consists of a close-knitted community of students from Primary 3 to Primary 6 who are passionate about Chinese calligraphy. Members have ample opportunities to improve and showcase their skills through the sessions held weekly, under the guidance of their instructors and teachers. 

What we learn :

  • Through Calligraphy, students will learn to recognise simple Chinese pictographs that form the basic origins of early Chinese characters
  • Students will learn core techniques Calligraphy to create their own art pieces

National Chinese Calligraphy Competition

  • National Chinese Calligraphy Competition (held by Hong Wen Primary School)
  • National Chinese Calligraphy Competition (held by Pei Tong Primary School)