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Infocomm Club

The school’s Infocomm Club excites students with a range of ICT based activities to enable students to understand and appreciate technology affordances, thus to innovatively apply their skills to communicate ideas in various projects. The three main areas of focus for club members will be Cyberwellness, Animation cum Video and Photography. This year students attend ICT workshops conducted by the Science Centre on basic programming. Students also design and participate in trails within the school. Students are also given opportunities to participate in video or photography competitions.

The objectives of Info Comm Club:-

  • Equip students with relevant infocomm skills.
  • Excite pupils about the infinite possibilities of Info Comm in an enriching way
  • Provide students with opportunities to participate in school and nation events

The pupils participate in programmes such as:-

  • Basic computing skills
  • Cyber Wellness package
  • Mentors for Cyber wellness
  • Creating videos and montage using video editing software.
  • Assisting the school in photography during school events
  • Using collaborative tools and web 2.0 for learning
  • Design and implement school based trails
  • Game creation using Gamesalad
  • Web Designing using Google Web Designer
  • SDMA (School Digital Media Awards) 
  • IDA Lab on Wheels