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Pei Tong Badminton CCA members are expected to display the values of determination, resilience and teamwork. Not only a physically demanding game, badminton is a ‘thinking’ game that requires players to constantly adapt and employ different strategies in competitive play.

Helmed by an experienced coach, Mr. Ernest Seet and supported ably by a team of committed teachers, we are confident that our training will provide a valuable opportunity for pupils to not only hone their badminton skills but in the process, positively develop their characters through the journey of learning.

This year, the Junior Badminton Boys and Girls and Senior Badminton Girls took part in the South Zone Badminton Championship. The Junior Badminton Boys and Girls put in their best effort but they were not able to continue into the Nationals. However, for the Senior Badminton Girls, they obtained 4th placing at the South Zone Badminton Championship. They are progressing to the Nationals.