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Basketball (Boys and Girls)


                                     Junior Girls                                                                         Junior Boys

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Senior Boys

Pei Tong Basketball team aims to develop the passion for Basketball in all its members. Basketball is a team sport that demands fitness and perseverance. It also inculcates the values of sportsmanship, commitment and teamwork into its members.
With an experienced coach and dedicated teachers, we are confident that all players who go through our training will be developed holistically. Physically, they will improve in their Basketball skills. Cognitively, they will gain experience in strategising and adapting to situations on and off the court. Social-emotionally, they will learn to work as a team. Ultimately, we believe that all pupils that graduate as a Pei Tong Basketballer will be an individual of good character and a true sportsperson.

Students are taught the skills and rules of the game. Selected competitors would then compete in the yearly Interschool Basketball Championship.  Additional activities like friendly matches are also included for a wholesome education.  


  • To develop all rounded athletes, skilled in the game of basketball with the right attitude towards work and play.
  • To infuse school values of care, respect, integrity, responsibility, resilience and excellence in students. 

Selection Criteria

  1. Talent Identified (Through selection trial session and during PE periods by PE teachers.)
  2. Skills, attitude and attendance (For competitive players)

Preparation for Training Sessions:

  1. Be dressed in PE attire.
  2. Bring along sports shoes / basketball shoes
  3. Bring a water bottle. (at least 1 litre bottle is recommended)
  4. Bring along a small face towel to clean perspiration.
  5. Do use a sports band to prevent spectacles from flying. 
Basketball General Safety Tips:

  • Wear appropriate footwear with good ankle support.
  • Remove jewellery and watches.
  • Trim long fingernails.
  • Drink sufficient water before, during and after training.
  • Ensure that the court is dry.
  • Ensure that the boundaries of the court are clear of spectators and belongings.