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A compilation of Pei Tong Rugby greatest moments

Rugby CCA has a long tradition in Pei Tong Primary for teaching the values of Resilience and Excellence in the game. Rugby also teaches students Care by teamwork and safe game practices. PTPS Rugby has won awards and through our partnership with several secondary schools’ Talent Identification programme, Rugby is a popular route for students to take Direct School Admission in top secondary schools.

Rugby Tournaments, Friendly Matches and Training 

Additional Training
1. Monday: 18th Jan, 25th Jan, 1st Feb, 7th March
2. Wednesday: 20th Jan, 27th Jan, 3rd Feb, 24th Feb, 9th March

Friendly Matches
1. Term 1: 26th Jan, 4th Feb, 18th Feb
2. Holiday: 16th and 17th March

Rugby Tournaments
1. Mini Rugby Tournament
2. Inter-school South Zone Rugby Competition (Junior):     
3. Inter-school South Zone Rugby Competition (Senior):