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Character and Citizenship

Mission and Vision

Our school’s vision for CCE is aligned with our school’s vision, which is, a vibrant school that inspires excellence. The vision of being a vibrant school can be further unpacked to being rooted in values, innovative in thoughts and passionate in actions, which our CCE vision is also to inculcate pupils to be rooted in the school values of Care, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Resilience and Excellence. To be innovative in thoughts is to enable students to acquire SE competencies in managing self and relationships effectively and make responsible decisions. To be passionate in action can be translated to the objectives for our VIA experiences.

Goals of the programme

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Activities / Programme / Events

We have made provisions for the teaching of CCE in our curriculum, the allocation is as follows:
  • FTGP (all levels): 1 period per week taught by both form teacher and co form teacher
  • CCE (P1-P2)/ CCE (P3-P6): 2/3 periods per week taught by MT teachers, CCE in EL for NTIL/ exempted pupils taught by EL medium teachers.
  • School based assembly: 1 period per week
  • One to one teacher pupil interaction during FTGP lesson

School-based CCE programme ( CCE A.L.I.V.E! )

CCE A.L.I.V.E! is our school based assembly programme held on the first period every Monday. A.L.I.V.E! stands for authentic learning in values education, whereby lessons are designed according to our CCE goals. CCE ALIVE! Lessons and programmes are aligned to the CCE LOs, with consideration for students’ needs and balance between character and citizenship components. The lessons or talks are planned in conjunction with NE events, VIA experiences, values education or student leadership. Class based activities designed by the CCE committee will be carried out by form teacher or co-form teacher, after which, the students will pen down their reflections or complete a worksheet in the CCE ALIVE! Journal.