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Student Leaders

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Student Leadership Structure


Stduent Leadership Development Programme

Tier 1

Termly Class Representatives (100% involvement)


Tier 2

Newly recruited Prefects/ CCE Reps/ AR Reps/ CCA leaders

Existing P4 Prefects/ CCE Reps/ AR Reps

Basic leadership training


Tier 3

Senior Prefects (P5)

Senior Prefects (P6)

Event Planning training


Tier 4

Exco Prefects (P5)

Team Building/ Personal Mastery

OJT – Planning & Delegation of Duties

The school believes in providing different opportunity for all students to experience and develop their potential as a leader thus making meaningful contribution to the school community. We believe that leadership can be learnt and therefore all students in the classes would be given at least 1 opportunity per term to contribute to the class on a rotational basis.

Researches have also suggested the importance of developing student leadership through specific programs being a crucial factor for promoting social responsibility, community leadership, active citizenship and service leadership. 

Thus, all newly recruited student leaders in PTPS will undergo a 2-day (pm) basic leadership training programme whereby they will learn about what is leadership, the different types of leaderships and what are some of the good traits of a leader. Students will also participate in mass and hands-on activities whereby had to work with their fellow peers building the positive spirit of teamwork.

CCE Reps, AR Reps and CCA Reps will continue to be developed under the respective department’s leadership programme, particularly with the focus on on-job training (OJT) and service to school.

Other than OJT and service to school, newly recruited prefects will also go through an in-house workshop to help them understand their roles and responsibilities. At the same time, they will be taught some skills and strategies in managing situations that could arise during the course of their duties.

P5 Senior prefects will go through an event planning training workshop. The P5 prefects will then lead the junior prefects in the planning and executing of the school’s Teachers’ Day event in Term 3. Some of the skills that will be covered are decision-making, organisation, time management, interpersonal communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution strategies.

P5 prefects who have demonstrated good leadership attributes and skills will have the opportunity to be nominated into the Exco Team in P5. Other junior and senior prefects who are not in the Exco Team but have demonstrated good leadership potential will also assume the role of Group Leaders in the Prefectorial Board.

Exco members in the prefectorial board will have bonding sessions and targeted workshop that aims to help develop their personal mastery and capacity as student leaders of PTPS.