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Academic Subjects

PTPS Enriched Total Curriculum

Pei tong Primary School is committed to developing every child holistically through the PTPS Enriched Total Curriculum (PETC) that is enacted in both academic and non-academic programmes.

The key features of the PETC are:

  • Focus on conceptual understanding to enable students to sustain their learning;
  • Use of questioning techniques to hone students’ critical thinking skills
  • Providing authentic learning experiences to make learning meaningful;
  • Practising holistic assessment by giving both quantitative and qualitative feedback to enable students to improve their learning and enhance their motivation to learn;
  • Providing differentiated learning opportunities to better suit and to optimise students’ potential and
  • Values-driven to lay a strong foundation for students and prepare them to navigate future challenges and to contribute positively towards the community.

We believe that ‘Every Child Matters and Every Child Can Learn’. To help our students discover their strengths and interests, the school provides a wide range of activities and experiences that are carefully pegged at differentiated levels to cater to the varied needs of each child thereby constituting our customised talent programme - TP@PTPS. This programme offers broad-based exposure for all students; opportunity for advance pursuit in areas of choice based on students’ interest; as well as talent grooming and competitive exposure for those who demonstrate skills mastery and aptitude in selected areas. This tiered and customised approach informs the cumulative exposure and learning experiences of every Pei Tong student.