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Parent Support Group

Chairperson's message

The Parents Support Group has been establised to work in partnership with the school. Over the years, PSG has evolved from a mainly supportive role to a pro-active role in partnership,event planning and execution. This has been possible due to our huge increase of membership from a small group of homemakers to a few hundreds of both working and non -working parents. Our supportive roles include assisting with excursions,managing active recess such as World Math Day, Racial Harmony Day, National Day Celebrations, helping with make up and preparations for performance group during SYF, just to name a few. PSG has been in partnership with teachers and staff to assist, plan and carry out any initiatives to enchance a better learning environment for  Pei Tong Students. We have also raised our own funds through and annual class photo taking project. The funds are channeled back into the school for a major children's day celebrations. 2 years on, Peitong's Got Talent held during children's day had discovered hidden performing talents among students and teachers.
Joining our children in their school's activities is one of child bonding experience every parent should not miss. This is also a great opportunity to understand the school environment which can be great conversational topic with oour children. Be a PSG member to play an active role in your child's growing years.


To be part of our PSG team , we strongly encourage and welcome parents from all professions to participate in the school actvities and events on an ad hods or regular basis.
Membership is free.
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