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Sports Carnival

The day had finally arrived! The P4 to P6 pupils had trained hard during their PE lessons for the past few months to prepare for the Annual Sports Carnival. The P4 pupils played hard against one another in the Soccer matches at the ISH.

The canteen was transformed into a Floorball area where the P5 pupils played enthusiastically, with each class vying to win as many games as possible.
The P6 pupils had their Volleyball matches in the MPH. The pupils and the teachers were in high spirits as they cheered loudly for their friends in the courts!

The following is the overall level placings:

P4 -
1st: Responsibility 2
2nd: Responsibility 4
3rd: Responsibility 3

P5 -
1st: Resilience 6
2nd: Resilience 4
3rd: Resilence 2

P6 -
1st: Excellence 2
2nd: Excellence 3
3rd: Excellence 4